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We are creating an AI solution like AI Joken for everyone.
AI Com is your all-in-one solution for AI companionship. It’s like having a friend in the digital world.


AICom will be available for $5/month, soon to be available on Steam, and available for early access on Patreon!


Consumer Focused Features

AICom has several consumer focused features to make AICom as intuitive as possible for the end user.


Patron Rewards

Patrons who’ve contributed $100 or more will be given early access!

Tier 3 Patreons will receive the same level of support as before with AICom and will have source access as well as early access to new features.

Enhance your digital experiences, entertain your audience, and bring a new dimension to your virtual adventures.

How It Works


Seamless AI Integration:

Connect AICom to local AI models, import models from Hugging Face

VRChat Enhancement:

Designed to take your VRChat experience to the next level, AICom can control avatars, move them around, and interact with other players, making your virtual adventures truly immersive.

AI Driven Conversation:

Using various AI’s for hearing, memory, text-generation, and text to speech, AI Com listens to your every word, ensuring a responsive and engaging interaction.

Making AI Easy

Spending hours setting up the various AI systems necessary is a thing of the past with AICom, two simple applications allow you to get up and running with AI faster than ever before.

VRChat Integration

Auto-accept friend requests, view users in current world, and with OSC integration control your AI with ease, even from within VR!

Can’t Wait?

Support us on Patreon at any tier for early access to AICom!